Servya API Documentation - Real Time Online DataFull API documentation for the Servya API. Get real time data on websites, emails and much more.

Servya API Full Documentation

Servya has been built from the ground up with to be as accessible as possible so here you will find full documentation and source examples to get Servya's tools integrated into your tools as quickly as possible.

Servya API Instructions for Developers

To start testing your implementation and the provided code examples you will first need to acquire an API key.

When you have your API key you will want to visit the documentation for the individual tools to get the API endpoints, inputs, outputs and examples.

We have code examples in lots of popular languages but if you need some help in a different language you can get in touch for some advice.

The API uses simple HTTP post requests and JSON to keep the process of interacting with the API and handling the data returned as simple as possible.

See the list of tools on this page for a direct link to the documentation for the tools.

Clear Code Examples

We provide easy to use code examples for all of our tools in some of the most popular programming languages:

How to use the API for End Users

Integrating Servya into a supported tool is really simple!

You will first need to get an API key for Servya and then copy it into your software.

From our side, that is all you need to do. Your software should now be able to use the data from our tools.

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