Bulk Email Address Verifier

What is this tool?

Our email verification tool is an indispensable asset for any individual or business seeking to maintain the integrity of their contact data. It has been engineered to meticulously verify the validity of each email address on your list, weeding out those that may harm your sender reputation or skew your campaign statistics. It operates efficiently and effectively, processing massive volumes of data in record time.

With a design geared toward simplicity and ease of use, the tool accepts lists in text form or as .txt files. This flexibility allows for seamless integration into your workflow, ensuring a minimum disruption while maximizing the benefits. Once your list is uploaded, the tool automatically begins its thorough examination, cross-referencing each entry against various validation parameters. This is your solution for cleaner, more reliable contact data, a boost to your communication efficiency, and a safeguard for your professional credibility.

Each email address checked will cost 5 credits

Load in a list of email address via text box or file. Make sure each email address is on it's own line withon it's own.

The list entered, by file or text box, should look something like the text below:


If entering your list by file, it should be a .txt file with nothing other than the email addresss in it with 1 per line.

Once the job has been entered you will get 30s to cancel before the job starts. If you cancel before the job starts your credits will be returned to your account. Once the job has started the credits will not be refundable.

When the job has finished you will be able to download the results in the format you prefer:

This is a quick rundown of the Servya Email Verifier API documentation, Click for full Email Verifier API documentation

API POST Request Endpoint


Request Variables

Variable Name Input Details
apikey Your unique API Key. If you don't have one, get one from here.
job_type email_verifier
job_input This is the email address that you want to submit
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Easy Bulk Email Verifier Guide

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