Expired Keyword Domain Searcher

What is this tool?

We have one of the largest databases of expired domains containing 10s of millions of expired domains.

Easily search this database for domains containing any keyword and we will double check them all for availability before returning to you.

These domains could give you a very brandable domain to base a niche website on.

Each keyword checked will cost 100 credits

Load in a list of keyword via text box or file. Make sure each keyword is on it's own line withon it's own.

The list entered, by file or text box, should look something like the text below:


If entering your list by file, it should be a .txt file with nothing other than the keywords in it with 1 per line.

Once the job has been entered you will get 30s to cancel before the job starts. If you cancel before the job starts your credits will be returned to your account. Once the job has started the credits will not be refundable.

When the job has finished you will be able to download the results in the format you prefer:

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