Bulk Domain Age Checker

What is this tool?

Domain age is a very important metric for determining the history of a domain. 

With this tool you can easily import a large list of domains and get a host of age related stats for those domains.

Each domain checked will cost 3 credits

Load in a list of domain via text box or file. Make sure each domain is on it's own line withon it's own.

The list entered, by file or text box, should look something like the text below:


If entering your list by file, it should be a .txt file with nothing other than the domains in it with 1 per line.

Once the job has been entered you will get 30s to cancel before the job starts. If you cancel before the job starts your credits will be returned to your account. Once the job has started the credits will not be refundable.

When the job has finished you will be able to download the results in the format you prefer:

This is a quick rundown of the Servya Domain Age API documentation, Click for full Domain Age API documentation

API POST Request Endpoint


Request Variables

Variable Name Input Details
apikey Your unique API Key. If you don't have one, get one from here.
job_type domain_age
job_input This is the domain that you want to submit
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Easy Domain Age Checker Guide

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